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About Jill Hanson and Move Forward, LLC

I have spent my career working to empower individuals, couples, and families to learn to manage their lives in more satisfying ways, identify and work through what gets in the way, and connect more deeply to find and express their best version of themselves. In my own life I have continuously sought resources and opportunities to learn and grow into my best self as well. Actively choosing to live intentionally and pursue the life of my dreams in all categories directly translates into my transformational work with others. The journey continues!

Move Forward, LLC, is an expression of those choices, combining training and practice as a couple, family, and individual psychotherapist and psychologist with the rest of life, to help others experience joy and wellness, and create the life of their dreams in holistic, sustainable ways.  What are your values and priorities? How do they show up in your life?  Where would you like to increase your joy, connection, effectiveness, and meaningful contribution to the world?  What is holding you back?

I would love to help you Move Forward with your life!

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