Trauma Attachment Guide for Therapist and for Adolescents.

These two guides are meant to work together.


Trauma and Attachment Guide for Adolescents (TAG)

The workbook presents three concepts with steps and strategies to help youth work through trauma and disrupted relationships with their therapist. The three concepts of TAG are:


1. We all need to be connected! (How to build healthy relationships).


2. We all need coping skills! (How to be calm and in control).

3. We all need to work through the tough parts of life! (How to deal with trauma

and disrupted attachment).


Trauma & Attachment Guide for Therapist (TAG-T) ​

TAG-T is a companion resource for practitioner to use with the Trauma and Attachment Guide for Adolescents (TAG). Together these books provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to help individuals with histories of trauma and disrupted attachment to build healthier relationship, copy more effectively, and work through trauma and disrupted attachment.

TAG and TAGT integrate attachment and trauma theory and components of evidence based treatment models into practical, hands-on resources. Complex materials are presented in bite-size pieces for practitioners to use with individuals in a variety of treatment context.

TAG-T provides guidance for effective and efficient use of TAG to support optimal functioning and well-being. It contains additional information and supplemental exercises to enrich learning and growth in areas of particular interest to specific individuals.

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