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I have named my practice Move Forward, LLC to signify helping people make efficient, effective sustainable changes to improve their individual, couple, and family lives.


My focus on trauma and attachment includes:

  • My Trauma and Attachment Guide to help people recover from historic traumatic experiences that keep them stuck in the past (an integration of 15 evidence based models, including DBT)

    • Building skills to remain calm and in control

    • Making intentional choices to connect with healthy people in healthy ways

    • Working through painful events and memories that interfere with living well now

  • EMDR Therapy to augment my trauma and attachment model

  • Helping divorcing parents make effective parenting plans, prepare their children, and manage the process of separating and forming different households 

  • Coaching with specific goals and pragmatic strategies to intentionally build a better life

  • Helping Couples deepen trust and connection


The Riverton Office adds personal retreats and intensive/extended therapy sessions of 2, 4, and 8 hours. Visioning, exploration, skill building, and therapeutic opportunities, particularly for trauma recovery, couples deepening connection, and effective parenting and co-parenting during divorce. These extended sessions allow fewer visits, and fewer starts and stops to dive deeper and move through more material in order to make wanted changes more quickly. Although these intensives are not for everyone and some processing between sessions can be very useful in taking incremental steps toward change, bigger spans of time for continuity and immersion in the process can accelerate progress toward desired outcomes.

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